Sol&Agrifood 2017

Important notice for VISA application

Whether you are an individual traveler or join an official international delegation, we strongly encourage you to begin the visa application process immediately. It is recommended that the visa application process be initiated well in advance of the planned travel date. International attendees requiring a visa to travel to Italy should contact the Italian Embassy or Consulate nearest them.

Easy Steps to Follow When Applying for Your Visa

  1. Find out if you need a VISA to enter Italy
  2. If you need a VISA, get complete information at the Italian Embassy or Consulate nearest you
  3. Request an Official Letter of Invitation: International visitors or exhibitors requiring an official letter of invitation from Veronafiere in support of the visa application may click below to submit their request. Please submit one request for each person that would like to receive an official invitation and please note that each letter will be prepared only once. In case of errors in the communication of your personal data (passport number, spelling of names etc.) we regret but we cannot fulfill any further request for a new Official Letter of Invitation.
  4. Get all your documentation ready (a valid passport, appropriate application forms to be obtained from your local Embassy or Consulate detailing employment status, reason for travel and financial status, documents to support the application, proof of payment of visa fees, additional documents that your local Embassy or Consulate may require).

Official letters of invitation can be provided until March 24, 2017 and will be sent by e-mail only.
Express deliveries by DHL, FEDEX or other forwarding agent can be granted only to recipients who will pay all shipment charges.

Veronafiere has no influence over the issue of a visa, therefore, is not able to contact Italian Embassies or Consulates in support or on behalf of an individual attempting to gain entry into Italy. Specific questions should be directed toward your Embassy.

Important information for Chinese visitors:
Kindly note that due to the new strict regulations imposed by the Italian Embassy and Consulate in China for the issuing of business visa, we won’t be able to issue invitation letters for Chinese citizens who want to visit our exhibition, SOL&AGRIFOOD (9 – 12 April 2017). We invite all the Chinese trade visitors to apply for a touristic visa as it will not require invitation letter and it will simplify the process to obtain Italian visa.

请注意:由于意大利驻中国大使馆和领事馆执行了关于商务签证的新政策,政策中对于商务签证的要求十分严格,所以维罗纳展览局将不能为有意向参 观SOL&AGRIFOOD (2017年04月9-12日)的中国公民提供邀请函。我们建议中国的商务参观者申请旅游签证,因为旅游签证不需要邀请函,所以这反而会使得申请意大利签证的过程更简捷。