Press accreditation Vinitaly 2024

Dear Colleague,

the methods for requesting press accreditation for Vinitaly 2024 are outlined below.

  • Accreditation is issued to allow coverage of the event by media and journalists.
  • Accreditation is not granted to representatives of advertising, public relations or marketing agencies or advertising dealers.
  • The Veronafiere Press Office reserves the right to make further investigations in order to establish the applicant’s effective activities as a journalist, as well as the right to restrict or withdraw accreditation.
  • The Veronafiere Press Office, at its discretion, may determine how many accreditations may be issued to each publication.


For any information regarding press accreditation, please call 00390459691220, dial 3. The service is available from 9 am to 6 pm.


Are you a journalist?

You must attach the following documents:
copy of a document testifying to your activity as a journalist, such as a journalism association membership card, press union membership card or ID card issued by newspapers. If such ID is not available, a copy of a letter of assignment from the publication/radio/tv/registered web site to which contribute, signed by the Director or Editor in Chief or copy of one article published in registered printed or online magazines, clearly indicating the author’s credentials

The Veronafiere Press Office also kindly invites journalist colleagues who attended the previous edition of the show to send a copy (in PDF o JPG format) of their articles published in printed magazines or indicate links to audio/video services or online articles dealing with the event.

Click here for accreditation.

Do you work for a magazine/radio/TV/registered website/blog but you do not have an official journalists’ membership card?

You must attach the following documents.

Copy of the engagement letter from newspaper/radio/tv/website that you work with, signed by the director or chief publisher*

Copy of registred newspaper/radio/tv imprint or indications about its administration*

Copy of a recent article published in your signature on paper publications, or links to a service audio/video or an article published overn an online newspapers recorded that witnesses the actual journalistic activities conducted in the field relating to the event for which you are requiring accreditation. For those who have already participated in the previous edition of the event, the enclosed materials must witness the occurred coverage

SPECIFICATIONS FOR BLOGGERS. Press accreditation for bloggers can be requested no later than Friday 29 March.
A single accreditation is issued for each blog and only to its author.
The blog must necessarily possess the following requirements:
• Professional, specialized and consolidated pertinence to the event in question
• Social media account connected
• Demonstrate (with articles, link, posts,media kit) continuous activity for at least two years with frequent updates of content and level of interaction with the reference community
In addition to filling out the accreditation card below, the blogger must attach in PFD or JPG format (compulsory):
1. copy of a valid personal identity document
The Veronafiere Press Office also kindly invites bloggers who attended the last edition of the show to attach links to at least one post/article published on their blog about the event in question.

Click here for accreditation

Are you a photographer or a radio/tv operator?

You must attach the following documents.

Accreditation is issued for the sole purpose of allowing news coverage of the event by journalists.

Photographers, in order to receive accreditation for the event, must fill in every part of the form below and also attach:
1. letter of appointment of the publication in question signed by the Director or Editor in Chief
2. copy of a valid personal identity document
3. any photo sets already published concerning the last edition of the event

Television or radio crews:
1. letter of assignment of the broadcaster for which we works, signed by the Director or Editor-in-Chief, specifying the broadcast/programme that will host the service
2. copy of a valid personal identity document

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