Wi-Fi Service

WiFi Network

Veronafiere exhibition centre has a WiFi 802.11 a/g/n, 2.4GHz and 5Ghz network with state of the art CISCO equipment and controller. All the pavilions and service centres are covered by a WiFi network available for use by exhibiters and visitors.

Visitors can purchase connectivity using their credit card or scratch cards at all the stores inside the centre.

The reference network (SSID) is called VeronaFiere_WiFi and the WPA key is veronafiere
Exhibiters can use the WiFi in compliance with the event regulations.

Free WiFi areas

Free WiFI areas have been created in the service centres, where it is possible to connect to the net free of charge. This service is only available in the areas indicated and is provided on a best effort basis.
The reference network (SSID) is called VeronaFiere_Free and the WPA key is veronafiere

  • every single account corresponding to a login and password entitles the holder to access from one device at a time. The account can be used on another device after logging out from the first. To logout, go to http://logout.veronafiere.it
  • to guarantee the adequate quality of the service, the exhibiter is asked not to use repeaters or WLAN access points in any form and/or device used inside the stand or for groups of stands
  • to allow the most extensive use, limits are imposed on the maximum band per connection
  • no Firewall/Antivirus protection is active. Users are fully responsible for the presence of firewalls and antivirus protection on their devices
  • the level of signal is not guaranteed and may differ from zone to zone, depending on the arrangement of the stands
  • the Internet band available varies depending on the needs and the events shared between the different networks