According to the 2014 report of the Association of Italian Exhibitions and Fairs (A.E.F.I.), the main international trade fairs held in Italy generate a sales turnover of 60 billion euros for businesses and 50% of total exports Made in Italy.

Fairs are the only means of promotion on the markets for three out of four industrial enterprises and for 75.3% of Italy’s small and medium enterprises.

Union des Foires Internationales

UFI_logoEstablished in 1925, this is the only global organisation relating to the trade fair events industry. The main aim of the UFI, a non-political, non-profit organisation, is the promotion of international commerce through its members. Its goals are the analysis of the problems concerning the organisation and methods of development of fairs in the sector and the events organised by its members. All with the aim of optimising this important medium and improving the effectiveness of service at international level. The global association represents organisers, exhibition centres and associations. In total, 551 members from 84 countries, over 150 million visitors, over 4500 events, 40 million of net exhibition area used annually and over 700 thousand exhibiters.

The General Manager of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani, is a member of the Board of Directors and he also holds the office of First Deputy Chairman of the European Chapter.

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European Major Exhibition Centres Association AISBL

This is the association of the major European trade fair organisations. Set up in the nineties, it aims to publicise and promote the potential of the trade fair system, as a driving force for the continental economy. The association unites the top twenty-one exhibition centre owners: Basel/Zurich/Lausanne, Barcelona, Bologna, Brussels, Cologne, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hannover, Lisbon, Lyon, Madrid, Moscow, Milan, Nuremberg, Paris, Poznan, Rimini, Stuttgart, Utrecht, Valencia and Verona.

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The Association represents the interests of the country’s trade fair industry: 34 Associated Exhibition Authorities hosting more than 1,000 events per year. On behalf of these associates, AEFI is taking action towards Parliament and the Government so that the Italian trade fair industry can better face international competition.
It organises events to increase the international reach of Italian exhibitions and stimulates exchanges with similar associations at international level. Every year, with the Ministry for Economic Development, it publishes the official calendar of Italian trade fair events recognised as international.

Veronafiere is registered with A.E.F.I. – Associazione Esposizioni e Fiere Italiane and is a member of the Board.

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The European Federation of Agricultural Exhibition and Show Organisers

This is the association which, having been active since 1966, groups together 33 events in the farming and agri-food sector from 25 nations: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Serbia, Ireland, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary and Bulgaria. Its aim is to promote and improve the contact of the European trade fairs and exhibitions.

Within this sphere, Veronafiere has held office as General Secretariat since the 1st of January 2007.

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CFI - Comitato Fiere Industria

Comitato Fiere Industria – CFI, the Industrial Fairs Committee, was set up on the 20th of November 1985 in representation of the organisers of specialised trade fairs in the industrial sector. Article 2 of the Articles of Association describes its activity “Within the framework of the institutional purposes of Confindustria and for the best achievement thereof, Comitato Fiere Industria is responsible for ensuring the confederal system the best conditions of activity within the trade fair sector, with particular reference to the exercise, upon assignment by Confindustria, of the exclusive general political representation of the confederal system for trade fair matters…”.
With this act, CFI also undertook the role of Agency, with the dual aim of confederal representation of the system and of Association of trade fair organisers.

The General Manager of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani, was elected in October 2016 as member of the Directive Council of CFI.

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Fiera di Verona is a member of the Italian-Egyptian Business Council, an organisation created in 2006 to develop commercial relations between the two Mediterranean countries.

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