Accessibility area

Veronafiere has determined an event access policy for people with certified disabilities and their caregivers.

Access for the disabled and caregivers

People with 100% disability: admission is free to Italian or foreign disabled visitors with documentation identifying them as having one of the following requirements:
• person with 100% disability
• person who is unable to work due to disability from 80% to 100%
• invalidity for service, registered in Category 1
• visual impairment with total blindness or sight of less than 1/10 in both eyes when wearing lenses
• deaf person

People with disability level between 40% and 79%: people with disability level between 40% and 79% are entitled to reduced-price admission. These tickets are not available online, as it is necessary to provide adequate documentation which certifies the disability, as follows:
For an Italian person with disability:
• certification of disability: Legally Disabled/Legally Blind/Deaf/Industrially Disabled/Severely Disabled or Invalid for Service (certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of the Economy) or:
• war invalid badge, or;
• disabled parking badge together with identification

For a foreign person with disability:
• document which certifies the disability, or;
• disabled parking badge together with identification

For events where reduced-price admission is not available, only those who have a disability level ranging between 80% and 100% will have free admission along with their caregiver. Reduced-price admission is not available for people with disability level ranging between 40% and 79%.

Only where specified by law and in cases in which people with a disability level ranging between 80% and 100% are entitled to a free ticket (see cases listed above) will caregivers be granted free access

Access for dogs

Dogs are allowed into the exhibition area with access restrictions to conference rooms and places prohibited by law.
All dogs must wear a collar, with the specific council plate, and must be held on a non-extensible leash with a length of not more than 80cm. All big dogs, such as Hounds, Great Danes, Dobermans, German Shepherds, as well as dogs with an aggressive nature, must also wear a suitable muzzle.

Law enforcement dogs can be held without a leash or a muzzle, during employment for institutional purposes.

This rule may be subject to change, depending on the event. We advise you to visit the website of each event and to read the access conditions regarding dogs.