Where can I buy tickets for the events?

Information and tickets can be found on the individual event websites. For more information, see the calendar.

Are children allowed into Veronafiere events?

Business events are reserved for professional operators. Children are only allowed into certain events, with specific information available on the event websites.

Are discounts on admission available for certified disabled visitors?

A) purchase at desk – Reduced-price admission

People with disability level between 40% and 79%, upon presentation of adequate certification issued by the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of the Economy (Legally Disabled / Legally Blind / Deaf / Industrially Disabled / Severely Disabled or Invalid for Service), or war invalid badge, or disabled parking badge together with identification.

For a foreign person with disability, upon presentation of adequate certification of disability or
disabled parking badge together with identification.

B) issue at desk – Free admission

Foreign or Italian visitors holding certification or documentation certifying 100% disability, those who are unable to work due to a disability level ranging between 80% and 100%, invalidity for service, registered in Category 1, visual impairment with total blindness or sight of less than 1/10 in both eyes when wearing lenses, deafness.

Caregivers: only where specified by law and in the cases specified under paragraph B) will caregivers be granted free access

Where can I stay?

The Veronafiere Booking section gives information on staying in and around Verona.

Further information is available on the websites of our events.

How do I registered as an exhibiter at an event organised by Veronafiere?

Simply read the Exhibiters section of the event in which you are interested.

Where do I find the list of exhibiters?

There is a list of exhibiters on the individual website of each event.

Access for dogs

Dogs area allowed inside the Veronafiere Exhibition centre, with access restrictions to conference rooms and places prohibited by law.

All dogs must be equipped with a collar and identification elements in accordance with current regulations and must be kept on a solid leash no longer than 80 cm.

All large dogs, such as Mastiffs, Great Danes, Dobermans, Shepherds , as well as dogs of a biting nature, must also be equipped with a suitable muzzle. Dog owners who will visit the trade fairs are advised to have with them the health booklet containing the canine registry registration code. Law enforcement dogs, when used for institutional purposes, may be kept without a leash and muzzle.

This rule may be subject to change, depending on the event. We advise you to visit the website of each event and to read the access conditions regarding dogs.

Where can I buy event catalogues?

During the events it is possible to buy catalogues at the stores indicated on the individual website of each event.

Outside of the event dates, it is possible to buy event catalogues by contacting Stefano Sperandio:
tel. +39 045 8298267
e-mail sperandio@veronafiere.it