Environmental responsibilities

Fiera di Verona undertakes to constantly improve its performance within the scope of energy and water consumption, doing everything possible to avoid waste. The aim is to reduce the negative effects on the environment using integrated monitoring systems, state-of-the art electrical and plumbing systems, company energy saving education programmes for employees, fitters and exhibiters.

Furthermore, in 2013 it introduced the figure of the Energy Manager into its staff, in compliance with the standards of the International Trade Fair Organisations.

This decision has had a positive impact on the management of an exhibition centre measuring over 300 thousand square metres (152 thousand indoors – divided into 13 Pavilions – and 157 thousand outdoors), on the behaviour of over 1.4 million visitors on average every year, and 14 thousand exhibiters present at an average of 40 events a year.

All purchases, including investments in installations, systems, equipment and new constructions, will be made in consideration of saving energy. In particular, during the design of new structures, Veronafiere introduces the possibility to install renewable energy sources.

The programme to improve efficiency has been established over the long term and is constantly updated with new designs and solutions.

Comunicazione importante
Veronafiere ha come priorità assolute la sicurezza e la salute di espositori, visitatori, dipendenti e collaboratori.