Why choose Verona

Verona is a landmark for the economy of North East Italy as well as the rest of the country. Local businesses cover sectors such as agriculture, industry, construction, tourism, trade and services – achieving positions of leadership in many of these fields.

Verona is the leading province in Italy for wine and fruit & vegetable exports, alongside major results also in segments including the food industry, machinery and heating systems, quarrying and processing natural stone, and fashion.

Verona ranks fifth among Italian provinces for tourism stays and in 2000 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its architectural and cultural beauties. Verona has hosted one of the most important opera festivals in the world in the Roman Arena since 1913.

Its geographical position makes it the crossroads of two fundamental European transport routes: Stockholm-Palermo and Barcelona-Kiev. Its boasts an important logistics system for Southern Europe, which brings together services and the potential of infrastructures such as Catullo Airport, Cargo Center, Interporto Quadrante Europa, Veronamercato and Veronafiere S.p.A.