Why choose Verona

Verona is the natural meeting place between business and tourism. In the centre of numerous manufacturing districts which characterise a poly-sectoral economy, Verona is the twelfth Italian province in terms of the number of enterprises. Along with a very strong farming sector – Verona is the leading Italian province for wine exports and third for the export of farm produce – it boasts leadership positions in various economic sectors: from the food industry to machinery and heating-mechanics, marble and fashion (clothing and footwear). The percentage distribution of enterprises registered in the different economic sectors highlights an incidence of 16.6% for farming (15,947 businesses), 10.7% for industry, comprising manufacturing activities, quarrying/mining and multiutilities (energy, water, waste), with 10,299 businesses, and 15.3% for constructions (14,678 businesses).

The province of Verona is the natural crossroads of two vital European transport routes, the Stockholm-Palermo and the Barcelona-Kiev, which represent the link between northern and southern Europe and between east and west.

Verona has developed a great logistic system over the years, and it is becoming one of the most important in southern Europe. This system consists of Aeroporto Catullo, Cargo Center, Interporto Quadrante Europa, the biggest combined road-rail-air intermodal transport system in Europe, Veronamercato, the Logistic System (customs department, shipping centre, long-distance lorry centre), the Railway System (combined transport terminal, rail link) and Fiera di Verona, of course

Verona is the sixth Italian province in terms of tourist figures, with over 15 million overnight stays in 2015.

Verona, Lake Garda and its hinterland, the mountain areas of Baldo and Lessinia, Valpolicella but also Eastern Verona and Veronese Plain, are visited by numerous tourists, from Italy and abroad. Together with lake tourism, which attracts millions of tourists every year, there is cultural tourism, linked to Verona city of art, the opera festival at Verona Arena and the Veronese Theatrical Summer at the Roman Theatre and Cortile Mercato Vecchio, with mountain, food and wine, business and congress tourism co-existing perfectly in the province.

The Exhibition Centre and the city have a very strong link at historical and economic level. The activity of the Exhibition Centre translates into well-consolidated and deep-rooted annual employment with outstanding financial value (one billion euros a year).

Lake Garda confirms its vocation for welcoming tourists, especially from abroad (with over 10 million visitors), recording at total increase in 2015 in arrivals, reaching 2,600,862 (+8.1%), and in presence (12,012,256, +4.4%). The average number of says spent in the area are 4.6. Foreign visitors recorded +3.9% in presences and the presence of Italian tourists is rising too (+6.8%).

Comunicazione importante
Veronafiere ha come priorità assolute la sicurezza e la salute di espositori, visitatori, dipendenti e collaboratori.