District heating in the Verona Exhibition Centre: CO2 emissions into in the air reduced by 230 tonnes

Verona, 5rd April 2018 – Veronafiere is increasingly green. The Board of Directors of Veronafiere approved the agreement with Agsm Verona for connection to the local district heating network and the installation of co-generation plant.

The project is expected to reach full capacity in Spring 2019 and will help bring about a 10% reduction in energy consumption at the Exhibition Centre, thereby avoiding emission of 230 tonnes of CO2 and consumption of 120,000 cubic meters of natural gas every year. Work will start at the end of April and are financed entirely by Agsm with an investment of 1.4 million euros. The energy supply contract with the Verona-based multi-utility company will have a duration of 12 years.

“Veronafiere has chosen to develop a sustainable business model even on an environmental level. For this reason, every new intervention in the Exhibition Centre will be implemented in a green perspective,” explained the President of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese. Between 2015 and 2017, Veronafiere already recorded energy savings of 325 tonnes of oil equivalent and over the last year consumption has been further reduced by 7%. The district heating project continues this commitment and is emphasised once again the business plan through to 2020.”