Less carpet and more trees at 56th Marmomac

“Less carpet more trees”: a new slogan for the 2022 edition of Marmomac, the leading exhibition for the natural stone supply chain, scheduled in Verona 27-30 September. The initiative enjoys the strong support of Veronafiere – the organiser of Marmomacc – and Verona City Council. It aims to reduce the impact of events on the environment significantly and increasingly, while at the same time improving the quality of life in the suburbs around the exhibition facilities. As of this year’s Show, the carpet tiles used in the exhibition paths inside the halls hosting Marmomac have been reduced by 95%. This decision will help eliminate 25,000 square metres of floor coverings, equal to 20 tonnes of materials that otherwise would be disposed at the end of the event.

Veronafiere, in collaboration with the Department of Ecological Transition, Environment and Mobility of Verona City Council and the Beleafing company, has also undertaken to plant 200 trees and shrubs in the nearby Santa Teresa Park and in the Zai Consortium industrial estate. The new trees and bushes are an effective gesture of environmental responsibility to reduce air pollution, thanks to their ability to absorb a total of 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, as well as capture more than 20 kg of fine particles through the leaves.

Federico Bricolo, president of Veronafiere

Veronafiere is convinced that one of the preconditions for accessing the market is knowing how to combine business with the values that inspire us and in which we believe,” said Federico Bricolo, President of Veronafiere. “Social, economic and environmental sustainability is an integral part of everything we do and this is reflected in the commitment over the last ten years to halve the consumption of gas and electricity and recycle 75% of the waste generated during events. Starting from this interpretation of our role as responsible trade fair organisers, Marmoac was the event chosen to launch the “Less carpet more trees” initiative: yet another development of this vision that we also plan to implement for the other exhibitions in our calendar.”

The ecological transition also involves virtuous partnerships with the institutional and economic realities of our city,” said Tommaso Ferrari, Councillor for the Environment and Ecological Transition of Verona City Council. We need a systemic vision involving all the players in the city. I believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to make every possible effort to make the city more resilient and a better place to live. This is why I believe that the project shared with Veronafiere should be simply the beginning of virtuous collaboration between the City Council and local institutions for co-responsibility in our city’s sustainability policies.

The trees and plants already purchased will be exhibited at Marmomac around the San Zeno and Cangrande entrance gates and along Avenue E at the entrance to The Plus Theatre; at the end of the exhibition, they will be transferred and planted in the areas already identified together with the municipal administration.

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