Progetto Fuoco 2022: new energy and sustainability challenges

Tackling new energy challenges successfully is the goal of the 2022 edition of Progetto Fuoco, the most important trade fair in the world focusing on biomass heating systems scheduled at Veronafiere 4-7 May.

The event organized by Piemmeti, a Veronafiere subsidiary, boasts 800 exhibitors occupying an area of 125,000 square meters, displaying over 3,500 products such as stoves, fireplaces, boilers, kitchen systems, combustion materials, equipment, components and accessories.

The trade fair has also significantly confirmed its international appeal: 40% of exhibitors are from abroad.

Data processed by the AIEL Observatory (Italian Agro-Forestry Energy Association) indicate that wood is the leading renewable source of energy used in Italy (33%) and the second source of heating for Italian families.

On a national scale, the sector generates turnover of 4 billion euros, with 14,000 companies and 72,000 employees, when allied sectors are included. 70% of pellet appliances in Europe are produced precisely in Italy.

“The facts and figures for Progetto Fuoco, returning in this post-pandemic period, prove that markets still need trade fairs. This event is a prototype for trade fairs of the future and creates solid bonds, which are fully implemented thanks to meetings between clients and exhibitors over the four days of the show,” said Maurizio Danese, President of Veronafiere.

Innovation, with a view to environmental sustainability, is the main theme of this edition. Modern domestic heating systems using wood and pellets are included among energy sources ensuring low particle emissions. Firewood emits 25 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere for each megawatt hour of energy produced, while pellets emit 29 kg. By comparison, diesel fuel releases 326 kg of CO2, LPG 270 kg and methane 250 kg.

Bearing in mind that 66% of installed plant is more than ten years old, there is a major need for technological turnover to improve the performance of heating systems at the same time as cutting pollution, not the least also by exploiting incentives such as the Thermal Account, Home Bonus and Ecobonus. This would bring about a reduction of at least 70% of fine particle emissions deriving from domestic combustion of biomass products.

“The topic of environmental sustainability is at the heart of Progetto Fuoco,” said Raul Barbieri, CEO of Piemmeti. “From renewable energy associated with the use of biomass materials to reductions in polluting emissions, sustainable forest management and the circular economy. Companies today are called upon to uphold sustainability within integrated perspectives that bring together good business practices and a positive impact on the community. Progetto Fuoco also seeks to be an opportunity for discussion and in-depth analysis. The conference demonstrates the central role of the event as regards sustainability issues as a business strategy.”

In this regard, Progetto Fuoco 2022 promotes meetings in a special showroom context – the Innovation Village – to promote the work of young start-ups even through the “Give me Fire-Progetto Fuoco Start-Up Award” for companies in the sector, organised in collaboration with AIEL.

Innovations at this edition include a special focus on the outdoor and garden world, with barbecues, ovens and outdoor kitchens, as well as expanding attention to product aesthetics, with the launch of “PRIZE X 2021”, the design award for stoves and fireplaces organized in partnership with the “ Fire Observer | Danilo Premoli” blog.