The dates for Vinitaly are unaffected: 19-22 April 2020, alongside Sol&Agrifood and Enolitech

Veronafiere confirmed the dates for the 54th edition of Vinitaly, duly scheduled in the latter part of April from Sunday 19 to Wednesday 22.

The decision – the outcome not the least of careful analysis of available data as well as listening to the positions of stakeholders and the market – including the main sector associations – was taken by the Board of Directors of Veronafiere.

The choice was also taken in agreement with the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, and the Mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina.

“The world of Italian wine has already provided positive signs of a turnaround in the past. Veronafiere is convinced that, even on this occasion, the sector will contribute to the recovery of our economy and revive a climate of trust in the country,” said CEO Giovanni Mantovani.

Giovanni Mantovani, CEO Veronafiere

Giovanni Mantovani, Veronafiere CEO

Veronafiere, in keeping a close eye on developments, quickly scheduled a meeting with representatives of the supply chain to activate all incoming and promotional resources and action on international markets.

We are well aware,” Mantovani added, “of the current difficulties and the distorted image of Italy perceived abroad, yet we are convinced that the emergency will be brought under control so that we can duly organize the event representing the driving force for Italian wine in the world.

Dates are also unchanged for Sol&Agrifood (with the new Xcellent Beers event dedicated to craft beers) and Enolitech scheduled simultaneously with the 54th Vinitaly. There are consequently no changes in the calendar for Opera Wine with Wine Spectator, scheduled Saturday 18 April on the eve of Vinitaly.

There was a slight change of date, on the other hand, for the Vinitaly Design International Packaging Competition: the meeting of the jury has been postponed from 3 to 25 March.