The future of service stations on show at OIL&nonOIL

From depots to fuel tanks… in an increasingly sustainable way: the energy transition is a major topic at Oil&nonOil 2023. The reference event in the Mediterranean area for the fuel sector turns the spotlights on to the world of service stations at Veronafiere 29 November-1 December.

A supply chain comprising 22,000 facilities with 24,000 employees in Italy is witnessing a far-reaching transformation. A new balance will have to be created where diversification of energy sources and energy security can protect investments in the decarbonisation process while keeping the country competitive.

Against this background, Oil&nonOil connects the present and the future by bringing 120 exhibitors, trade associations and decision-makers together with Italian and international operators and buyers. The event is thereby configured not only as a business event but also as an opportunity for debate embracing all the important topics concerning energy, technological innovation and mobility thanks to a programme of more than 20 conferences and workshops.

OIL&nonOil 2023 – ribbon cutting ceremony, from the left: Raul Barbieri, Sales Director of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese, Managing Director of Veronafiere, Stefano Vallani, President of Verona City Council, Nicola Baldo, Vice President of Verona Chamber of Commerce

Inasmuch, tomorrow’s service stations will increasingly have to be full-scale energy hubs capable of providing quality services with ever-lower environmental impacts and ever-growing use of digital technologies.

Oil&nonOil will also investigate decarbonisation in the transport sector, with a focus on electric mobility and charging systems, as well as fuels that ensure lower environmental impact, such as hydrogen, LPG, LNG and liquid methane.

“In responding to the challenges posed by the green transition, Oil&nonOil involves sector operators and all the main trade associations in an open and informed public debate,” said Maurizio Danese, Managing Director of Veronafiere. “Oil&nonOil clearly demonstrates Veronafiere’s ability to come to the fore in its reference markets by creating opportunities that highlight a route towards value that combines economic and environmental sustainability.”

Oil&nonOil also focuses on innovation: the Innovation Village is back again this year – the space hosting the 8 best Italian start-ups in the field of sustainability for the fuel distribution network.

Lastly, there is also room for history thanks to an exhibition curated by the Fisogni Museum which traces the evolution of fuel pumps, from times when the first motorists actually bought petrol at pharmacies through to the 1980s.