Veronafiere: anti-crowding video-cameras and algorithm for safe physically attended events

Safety for attended events: Veronafiere focuses on technology for the restart, with an innovative project developed in its own local area.

Social distancing remains the priority in times of Covid-19. Yet how can this be ensured during large public events, such as those organized in the 300,000 square metres and more of the Verona Exhibition Centre? The solution can be found in the electronic eyes of video-cameras, combined with artificial intelligence.

The system is named HS.Vision and exploits the 400+ surveillance cameras already installed inside the Verona Exhibition Centre, while also putting them online. This is where the computer vision algorithm  created by the Humatics start-up of the University of Verona comes into play: by analysing images sent to micro-servers, the system can count visitors inside the halls, identify any gatherings of people and report them in real time to human operators for their intervention.

HS.Vision can also use facial recognition functions to monitor non-use of masks. This provides for capillary control of all Veronafiere exhibition spaces without any risk of “Big Brother”, since privacy is assured through delocalised data and limited transmission of processed information.

Fiercavalli in November will be the test bench for this system,” explained Giovanni Mantovani, CEO of Veronafiere, “which will then be implemented during our other “live” events involving large numbers of visitors. The path towards the ‘new normal’ also involves technological innovation and Veronafiere is equally ready to overcome this challenge as well.”