Veronafiere Group: 24 million euros in recovery funds

The total recovery funds assigned or in the process of being assigned to the Veronafiere Group to cover losses incurred in 2020 come to approximately 24 million euros.

This emerges from analysis by Veronafiere SpA following the publication by the Ministry of Tourism (5 November) of the list of beneficiaries of the non-repayable funds (subject to verification) to cover lost revenues from trade fairs and congresses suffered last year. The overall sum awarded to the Group is close to 14 million euros, in turn joined by the recent Simest decision adding a further 10 million euros.

“Across the board teamwork between Veronafiere and the political forces of reference for the city has achieved a great result,” said the President of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese, “to which the Government has contributed¬† through competent ministries, starting with the Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia, by overcoming the de minimis incentives regime. Until a few months ago, the destiny of Veronafiere was at risk, with the increase in equity capital still in the balance and a stalled situation as regards recovery funds: today, the scenario has changed and we can plan our future, which is also an important portion of the future of the city itself, on a completely different basis. Our greatest satisfaction,” Danese added, “was the fact that during the emergency the political representatives of the city and Veronafiere shareholders themselves joined forces to defend their reference trade fair organisation.”

On the business front, President Danese added: “The resumption of trade fairs in this second half of the year on the one hand revives a fundamental asset for the country system and, on the other, companies have immediately shown great enthusiasm and participation.”

Veronafiere has organized 30 appointments, including international events, since June this year through to the end of November.