Presentation of the new brand celebrating 120 years with a view to the future

Verona, 3rd May 2018 – Veronafiere changes its brand to celebrate 120 years of operations. The rebranding was presented today in the head offices in Viale del Lavoro, Verona, on the second day of the UFI European Congress (World Trade Fair Association).

The most evident change concerns the pictogram: a “V” inspired by the layout of the halls and pavilions in the exhibition centre that turns into a wing, ready to take flight towards the future. The “V” is formed by five bands changing colour from blue to yellow. The choice of colours recalls the coat of arms of the City of Verona, as well as those of the local area where Veronafiere was founded and developed: the blue of Lake Garda and the River Adige; the light green of vineyards and hillsides; the warm shades of marble and natural stone in the historic city centre and its monuments, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The logo has also been changed, using a more modern font and emphasising the central role of Verona through a bold typeface.

The payoff “Trade shows & events since 1898” highlights the history of Veronafiere and its know-how as a direct organiser of events going back more than 120 years. The vocation as a tool for promoting business for exhibiting companies began in 1898 with the first half-yearly horse shows; Veronafiere has since become the fulcrum of a system of international relations covering five continents through a network of events, subsidiaries, international delegates and sales offices.