Veronafiere: the capital of agri-business with Fieragricola

New technological tools, ideas and processes to tackle the challenges of a changing world, even from a climate standpoint: Veronafiere hosts the agriculture of the future 31 January-3 February 2024. Welcome back to Fieragricola, the international exhibition for the primary sector celebrating 116 editions. Eleven show halls fully occupied by 820 companies from Italy and 20 international countries, for a total area of more than 52,000 square metres of exhibition space, flanked by an outdoor area of well over 4,000 square meters for dynamic tests involving agricultural machinery displayed by leading manufacturers.

Fieragricola 2024

The crossways exhibition format of Fieragricola embraces all the main sectors of agriculture (agricultural mechanisation, animal farming, specialist crops, renewable energy,

services and advanced technologies), turning Verona into the capital of agri-business, a sector worth more than 620 billion euros for Italy in turnover and more than 60 billions from exports.

Ribbon cutting of Fieragricola 2024, with Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida

Fieragricola showcases innovation driving the growth of agriculture, a strategic sector in economic and social spheres that is currently called upon to respond to the needs of a growing world population, and improve productivity and resilience in the face of climate change, while also ensuring profitability for agricultural entrepreneurs,” said the President of Veronafiere, Federico Bricolo. “Furthermore, Fieragricola confirms Verona as a venue for discussion about the future of Italian and European agriculture involving the world of production, trade associations and institutions, in particular the Ministry of Agriculture and the Veneto Region.”

Veronafiere is working hard to accelerate the internationalization process for all its products and Fieragricola is no exception.


Accredited international buyers are attending the show from 28 countries, especially Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, selected in collaboration with ICE-Italian Trade Agency. Moreover, the event in Verona has attracted impressive attendance by business operators from the African continent (Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Senegal and Tunisia) looking for cutting-edge solutions in fields such as agricultural mechanisation, animal farming and water-saving technologies.

In addition to its exhibition content, Fieragricola also hosts a very impressive conference programme, with more than 140 appointments over the four days of the event and a common theme: agriculture and the changing climate. The seminars and workshops organized around climate change topics, in particular, target agricultural operators and indicate strategies, techniques and practices for activating adaptation processes in order to continue quality production in a sustainable and competitive manner.


From left, Federico Bricolo and Maurizio Danese, president and CEO of Veronafiere


Climate change is the central theme of the 116th Fieragricola,” said Maurizio Danese, Managing Director of Veronafiere. “The impact in recent years on Italian output has caused damage that in 2023 came to more than 6 billion euros. For this reason, in addition to a special cycle of conferences during the Agricultural Show itself to analyse the problem together with scientists, technical experts, academics and institutions, Fieragricola is also focusing on Agriculture 4.0 and its practical applications in fields such as digital systems, robotics and water-saving resources, as well as generating renewable energy. These are all solutions for a more resilient and more sustainable agriculture in terms of emissions and soil protection.”


After its debut in 2022, “Fieragricola Tech” continues to host innovation with an entire Show Hall (11) dedicated to digital agriculture, smart irrigation systems, agro-energy and bio-solution tools for soil protection from a regenerative perspective.

Last but not least, animal farming, another of the key features of Fieragricola, is covered by three show halls dealing with technological advances and the valorisation of waste water in the dual direction of organic fertilizers and the production of bio-gas and bio-methane, with a view to a circular economy in agriculture. Nor should we overlook the top international livestock competitions, with the finest dairy cattle from Italy and Europe, competing in the ring set up in Show Hall 10.