Vinitaly 2021: restart in the name of business. Flexible project that can be modulated in relation to scenarios

A “restart” event in the name of business ensuring an international and highly profiled scope to bring the world of wine together in a safe exhibition venue of 300,000 square meters.  This is the project summary for the 54th Vinitaly, scheduled at Veronafiere 20-23 June 2021, following the prologue of the extraordinary selection celebrating OperaWine‘s tenth anniversary scheduled on 19 June.

This edition will focus on relaunching the sector and resuming commercial relations through personal attendance. “It will be a unique Vinitaly,” said the President of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese, “where everyone will be called upon to play their part in highlighting the central role of Italian wine worldwide: organizers, companies, institutions and media who wish to take part will be able to do so in the knowledge of the importance of attending a live event.”

Veronafiere continues to observe the evolution of scenarios on reference markets through its network of partners and international representatives, as well as constant contact with pertinent authorities. Inasmuch, the deadline for registration at the exhibition has been extended until 12 April.

Other is action is being developed along two lines.

Incoming buyers and trade operators

Vinitaly in partnership with ICE-Italian Trade Agency is implementing significant investments in a flexible project which can be modulated in relation to scenarios and equally be able to intercept all changes in the international context that may arise over the next four months. The primary objective of Vinitaly 2021 concerns important initiatives focusing on incoming trade operators and buyers from the main target countries in the EU. There will also be a focus on the recovery of the domestic market involving buyers and stakeholders from strategic supply chains for the sale and consumption of Italian wine.

The CEO of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani, said: “Vinitaly 2021 remains strongly focused on appropriately selected and invited b2b contacts. Italy and Europe are the largest production and consumption markets in the world. If conditions are favourable, we are also ready to move as regards demand from outside Europe, starting with the USA. Planning with ICE for incoming attendance has already begun and the aim is to ensure that buyers and operators come to the event. March will be entirely dedicated to meetings with companies and the development of relationships with the markets.”

Free consultancy and assistance service for safe redesign of exhibition stands and areas

The password in the exhibition centre and on stands is and will be safety, in full compliance with the provisions of the protocol defined by Aefi (Italian Association of Exhibition Centres and Trade Fairs) adopted by all exhibition centres even further integrated and upgraded by Veronafiere itself.

Even the layout of Vinitaly 2021, as regards the overall event and stands of individual companies, will meet the criteria defined by safety care protocols. In addition, a free consultancy and assistance service has also been activated for exhibitors involving a team of architects to ensure safe design of exhibition stands and areas, even with innovative methods.

Moreover, a program for the safe management of daily entrances has been finalised. Continuous sanitization of the show halls and equipment, 400 surveillance and crowd monitoring cameras connected to an operations centre and a medical facility equipped with all necessary services for real-time diagnostic tests will ensure safe physical attendance at the exhibition. Lastly, the air conditioning system has been technologically upgraded to allow temperature and humidity control over the entire inside exhibition area, with air exchanges managed in accordance with the strictest standards.