ArtVerona: 140 galleries and 8,000 collectors at the show

Innovation, sustainability and accessibility. These three keywords define the identity of the 17th edition of ArtVerona #ITALIANSYSTEM, the Veronafiere event promoting and highlighting the Italian modern and contemporary art system. One hundred and forty galleries are attending the event in Verona 14-16 October 2022, selected under the guidance of Stefano Raimondi based on research ensuring prominence for Italian and international artists, be they already well-established or emerging talent.

Innovations in the programme include the first edition of Visiting Curator, the multi-year project involving directors and curators of international institutions, the two Habitat and Curated by sections, the CAMERA exhibition for Italian and foreign video collections, and the Art Museum Award.

According to the “I am culture 2022” report by the Symbola Foundation and Unioncamere, the Italian cultural and creative production sector is worth 88.6 billion euros and involves 136,000 people. This is a full-scale “industry” which, on a local scale, sees the Veneto Region involved with 7.9 billion euros. Going into even more detail, Verona is the 14th province in Italy as regards the added value of its cultural system, quantified at 1.56 billion euros.

Veronafiere aims to support the Italian art system through ArtVerona by listening to the business and visibility needs of galleries, with important investments targeting both asset acquisition funds and 8,000 incoming professionals and invited collectors – of which more than 600 are hosted guests during the event,” said Federico Bricolo, President of Veronafiere. “The strong bonds with public and private realities in the city and its province, with special reference to the museum system in Verona, make ArtVerona unique in the national exhibition panorama and is one of the exhibitions achieving the best growth.”

Federico Bricolo, president of Veronafiere.

All the more, Art & The City enhances the link and dialogue between the world of art and the city of Verona, thanks to appointments in the most significant civic locations involving public and private institutions, as well as a programme of exhibitions and cultural activities including performances, videos, design, musical influences, public installations and visits to collections.

The path taken by ArtVerona,” explained Stefano Raimondi, Artistic Director of ArtVerona, “is receiving considerable attention and recognition and although it is articulated across numerous aspects it is actually based on a handful of clearly distinctive elements: a well-defined identity, a stunning visitor experience, attention to hospitality and involving collectors and the local area, respect and dialogue with galleries and everyone working in cultural fields. All the innovations introduced in this edition take a direction designed to consolidate and strengthen these key elements, in the full awareness of the role that an art fair must play within the art system of creating relationships and value.”

ArtVerona, this year, also highlights sustainability through the work of Stefano Arienti “Corso Europa (from G.B. Piranesi)”: a modular carpet measuring 500 square meters made with nylon thread obtained from 100% recycled plastic waste. It interprets the European continent and the nations involved in its history in various ways.