Debut for new sustainable logistic and intermodal event in 2020

A new international trade fair focusing on sustainable transport, logistics and intermodal services will make its debut in Verona in March 2020. The initiative is the outcome of an agreement between Veronafiere Group, the leading direct organiser of trade exhibitions in Italy, and the Alis Service Company.

Giovanni Mantovani, Veronafiere CEO

Giovanni Mantovani, Veronafiere CEO

The partnership envisages the organisation of ten annual editions of the new trade fair, as well as co-involvement of the exhibition brand and joint management of the event.

The goal is to promote increasingly sustainable development of intermodal transport on a national and European scale. The transport sector, inasmuch, will also involve the institutional world, through attendance by haulage companies, shipping lines, railway companies, terminal operators, shipping agents, service and logistics companies and interport facilities, as well as actively involving Italian and international higher technical institutes and universities.

The CEO of Veronafiere Group, Giovanni Mantovani, said: “The partnership with Alis Service enables us to launch an innovative event, which has everything needed to become the landmark trade fair for sustainable transport and intermodal services in Italy and Europe. While Verona is by definition a leading intermodal hub, not the least thanks to its geographical position, Veronafiere is also a traditional venue for events targeting professional operators in the transport and infrastructure world. Efficient logistics is a variable for success and we are well aware of its importance. World-leading events such as Vinitaly, Marmomac or Fieracavalli owe their success to our skill in managing hugely complex logistics and organisation aspects“.

The CEO of Alis Service, Marcello Di Caterina, said: “Absolute support for cooperation between Veronafiere Group and Alis. The aim is to promote in a trade fair context not only sustainable business but also the major topics themes highlighted by the Alis Association, such as sustainability, climate change, energy conversion and the urban renovation of so-called smart cities. In recent years, shareholders of the Alis Service Company have invested 5 billion euros to ensure rapid alignment with the sustainability targets set by European and international regulations and thereby safeguard our environment, as well as targeting increasingly green growth of the entire reference market in an international perspective”. 

Marcello Di Caterina, Alis  CEO

Marcello Di Caterina, Alis CEO