JOB&Orienta 2023 hosts “Orientation Made in Italy”

“Orientation Made in Italy”: this is the main theme of JOB&Orienta 2023. The national exhibition for orientation, school, training and work returns to Veronafiere Wednesday 22-Saturday 25 November with the event’s 32nd edition.

The event is promoted by Veronafiere and the Veneto Region, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Merit, the Ministry for Universities and Research and the Ministry of Employment and Social Policies. It welcomed 400 exhibitors including schools, academies and universities, training entities, institutions, employment centres, companies and trade associations.

More than 40 International universities also attended the fair; there were 230 cultural events including conferences, debates and theme workshops; more than 400 speakers guided the training seminars; 400 other initiatives were scheduled over the four days, including animations and workshops on show stands.

These figures confirm JOB&Orienta as the reference event in Italy for students set to start a new direction in their education thanks to the presentation of the broadest panorama of training options with related employment opportunities. The programme also includes events intended for families, as well as sector operators such as teachers and school managers; the latter will also be able to benefit from professional development experiences, discussion and sharing of good practices.

JOB&Orienta is a unique event in Italy that puts young people and their future at the centre of attention: its format has grown year after year, so much so that there were as many as 45,000 attendees at the last edition, which encouraged Veronafiere to add an extra day to the event.

The scope of the event is further broadened to reach students who cannot travel to Verona; in fact, the in-person event at the Verona Exhibition Centre is also integrated with an interactive digital ecosystem accessed through the portal.

JOB&Orienta 2023: ribbon cutting with representatives of institutions

We are proud to have contributed to the continuous development of JOB&Orienta over 32 editions,” said Federico Bricolo, President of Veronafiere. “This event means we can look beyond the merely economic aspects of trade fairs and focus instead on our social role at the service of communities and the country. Veronafiere firmly believes that organizing JOB&Orienta is not a cost but an investment in the future of us all through our young people.”

“This edition of JOB&Orienta focusing on ‘Orientation Made in Italy’ highlights the need for new training models that best respond to the country’s multiple economic-production vocations,” explained Maurizio Danese, Managing Director of Veronafiere. “This is a fundamental issue for Italy and as a trade fair centre we are  well aware of this since our primary task it to be a platform for the international promotion of Made in Italy.”

Lastly, Veronafiere’s project to bring art closer to the general public attending its events continues at JOB&Orienta: Hall 6 exhibited ‘The Music Contest between the Muses and the Pierides’, a work by Tintoretto loaned by the Civic Museums of Verona.

Tintoretto – ‘The Music Contest between the Muses and the Pierides’