Metsola (EU): “Fieragricola: inspiration for farming’s new generations”

Fieragricola is a show boasting a long history; its events have been an opportunity for modernization in agriculture for more than 120 years. Fieragricola has also helped create a sense of community among farmers and their families and I wish to express all my gratitude for this.”

So said the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, at the International Summit hosted at Palazzo della Gran Guardia in Verona – the inaugural events of the 115th Fieragricola (starting tomorrow until Saturday 5 March).

“The importance of agriculture for our lives cannot be underestimated. Our farmers make it possible to bring quality food to our table,” Metsola went on. “This year, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Common Agricultural Policy, which today has a direct impact on 11 million European farmers and more than 180 million hectares of land.”

A common agricultural policy that does not only focus on output. “Modern and innovative agriculture is the key today for safeguarding the environment, without forgetting that we must commit ourselves to agricultural production capable of responding to an expanding population, ongoing climate changes and increased costs of production,” President Metsola added. “This is why boosting the resilience of agriculture is one of the priorities and the reform ready to be applied next January will welcome a greener, more equitable CAP that pays closer attention to animal welfare and sustainability, while at the same time ensuring the competitiveness of the sector. We have to meet economic objectives, yet at the same time environmental and social targets.”

We must also look to the future. And the President of the EU Parliament, Metsola, hoped to see “the great tradition of Fieragricola continue to be an inspiration for years to come and agriculture’s new generations.”