After four days, the new international bicycle show closes today in Verona

Cosmobike Show: more than 50,000 visitors. Focus now on Europe

The event at Veronafiere has already established itself as the landmark for the bicycle sector in Italy with more than 500 companies from seven countries, the latest innovations in the field, b2b meetings, shows, technical conferences, attendance by sporting champions and road tests.

Verona, 14 September 2015 – The world of cycling gets going again in Verona. After attracting more than 50,000 visitors, today saw the end of the first edition of CosmoBike Show, the international trade fair dedicated to the "two wheels" sector organised at Veronafiere 11-14 September (www.cosmobikeshow.com). More than 500 companies attended from Italy, the Netherlands, the United States, Germany, England, Australia and China in the four halls set up in the Exhibition Centre for a total of 40,000 square meters of show space, in addition to 20,000 square meters of outdoor facilities for performances and bike tests. More than 200 journalists were accredited for the event, including many from Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United States and Taiwan.
"This result officially accredits CosmoBike Show as the reference event in Italy for the world of bicycles and immediately ranks us second among Europe trade shows," said the President of Veronafiere, Ettore Riello. Right from the debut event, companies, sector professionals and visitors acknowledged and rewarded the added value of the new format, as well as such an impressive exhibition centre and organisational skills as those of Veronafiere, set in a context of Verona's marvellous appeal."

VeronaFiere confirmed is status as the capital of an expanding industrial sector in Italy boasting 3,066 companies in 2014 (+1.5% over 2013), which produced 2.7 million bicycles (+2.1%) and exported 1.6 million units (+1.1%).
"Our goal, right from the first edition, was to turn CosmoBike into a vocational event for business in the bicycle sector, as we as an innovative event capable of interacting with visitors and enthusiasts - and, above all, capable of expanding internationally," added the CEO & Director General of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani. Judging by the numbers and the satisfaction expressed by companies, it seems that firms we managed to achieve all this and can begin to look to the future development of the event even with a view to our direct competitor, the Friedrichshafen Trade Fair in Germany."
For four days, bicycles were the absolute protagonists: traditional, racing and mountain bikes, not to mention the new "fat-bikes" capable of handling sand and snow, and "special needs bikes" designed for people with disabilities.
The stands set up in the four exhibition halls showcased innovations and previews presented by more than 500 companies from 7 countries, with the world's most important brands and trademarks: the 17 most innovative products were also rewarded with the CosmoBike Tech Awards, the CosmoBike Show accolade for distinction in research and creativity.
Satisfaction was also expressed by the project manager of CosmoBike Show, Paolo Coin: "This first edition," Coin said, "rewards an exhibition project that proved capable of developing the potential of an expanding sector through current topics ranging from alternative urban mobility, to sport, health, tourism and environmental sustainability. We took up the task of translating all this into business opportunities, which certainly arose, especially on Friday and Monday, the days dedicated to sector professionals."
CosmoBike Show was also a truly lively event for visitors, thanks to a programme of performances including bike trials and Bmx freestyle buzzing in the 20,000 sq.m. outdoor areas and the chance to test drive the latest models inside the Exhibition Centre as well as 60 kilometres of technical trails on the Demo Day organized on 11 September on the hills overlooking Verona that involved more than 500 people.
Bike enthusiasts also had the opportunity to get to know past and present cycling champions visiting CosmoBike Show - including Francesco Moser, Paolo Bettini, Mario Cippollini, Damiano Cunego, Marco Aurelio Fontana, Domenico Passuello, not to mention Alex Zanardi and Vittorio Podestà, para-Olympic handbike champions, and Vittorio Brumotti, the acrobatics specialist and familiar television figure.
On the opening day, significant institutional attendance started with Barbara Degani, Undersecretary at the Ministry of the Environment (patron of the event), Federico Caner, Councillor for Tourism and Foreign Trade of the Veneto Region, Flavio Tosi, Mayor of the Verona, Joep Wijnands, Ambassador in Italy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which was the guest of honour country for this first edition.
The topics discussed in the course of more than 30 seminars and technical conferences held during CosmoBike Show, came to the fore in terms of the future of urban cycling in business terms with CosmoBike Mobility. CosmoBike Tourism in turn was the event area with the finest proposals in terms of itineraries and bike-friendly packages offered by institutions, hotels, farm holiday centres and tourism promotion consortia, without overlooking the Green Roads Award highlighting the finest bike trails in the country, with accolades for Umbria, Veneto and Liguria.

Satisfaction among companies, exhibitor comments

BIANCHI | Claudio Masnata, Marketing and Communication Manager
"Cosmobike and Verona were a very important showcase for Bianchi and the large number of visitors – including dealers, sector professionals and retailers as well as consumers – was undoubtedly a strategic aspect that helped us identify new opportunities in terms of business and dialogue with the sector as whole. We also attracted interest from abroad with visits from Germany and Austria."

KTM | Mauro Ascani, Northern Italy sales agent
"We have a very positive impression, both from a business point of view and for contacts with end customers. These four showcase days during Cosmobike prove that the bicycle sector is expanding: this is a stimulating aspect for companies. This event achieved important input for business in the bicycle sector. We were visited on our stand by many already loyal customers, while there were also new and interesting contacts from all over Italy. We are looking forward to welcoming operators at next edition also from the rest of Europe and overseas."

DE ROSA | Cristiano De Rosa, Director of De Rosa
"Happy and proud that I believed in and signed up for this new project. Cosmobike met all our expectations. Over the weekend, especially, we saw an excellent response in terms of general visitors and operators. We are delighted with this initial approach through Cosmobike and Veronafiere and hope that the 2016 edition will be even richer with events, initiatives and business opportunities, with attendance not only from Italy but also abroad."
FOCUS | Giorgio Garofali, AD Focus Italia Group
"We firmly believed in Cosmobike and are experiencing excellent results. Turnout was massive with professional operators from all over Italy, which is a fine thing for our business. The show is proving well adapted to our commercial and exhibition needs. It is no exaggeration to say that the event was a huge success, launched auspiciously and very attentive to the needs of manufacturers and visitors alike. We hope that the 2016 edition will be even better."

GRANDIS | Alessandro Grandis, owner
"The show went very well, especially on Saturday and Sunday. Grandis was "playing at home" here in Verona and we are delighted that we took part in this project that clearly demonstrated its expertise and knowledge of our market. We achieved excellent results, especially with final consumers. We naturally hope for all-round growth for next year's show."

SHIMANO | Marco Cittadini, Shimano Italia Marketing and Communications Manager
"Shimano is absolutely satisfied with its decision to attend Cosmobike. They were days of intense, hard work that helped us to develop fine contacts with dealers, manufacturers, retailers, media and the general public. We found interest on all fronts, in addition to the large number of visitors who enjoyed the chance to testing our products in the outside area and our training proposal for sector technicians. Thanks to Cosmobike and Veronafiere! We are all set to take part in the event again next year!"

ATALA | Francesca Ghezzi, Atala Marketing & Communication
"I would especially like to emphasise the amazing attendance in analysing the 4 days with Cosmobike Show. It was the debut event and still settling in... but Verona greeted us with enthusiasm by proposing a trade fair right up with our expectations. We had interesting contacts from all over Italy and hope to see more foreign attendance next year. Overall, we are pleased and very confident. The Show did a great communication job that brought effective and visible results, which especially emerged in the form of impressive attendance by end consumers."

MERIDA | Massimo Sganzerla, Sales Director
"Our final impression is very good. We are pleased to have joined the Cosmobike project thanks to the quality of service offered, the quality of the exhibition venue and overall organisation. The event has all the credentials to become the reference exhibition for the bicycle sector in Italy. The marvellous attendance by the general public will certainly be a sounding board for the growth of this format and help bring about even more visitors and business opportunities next year in Verona."

CRAFT | Dante Luisetti, Craft Country Manager
"At the end of these four days in Verona, we achieved a very positive result. We are satisfied with visitors. We were actually rather surprised by such high attendance; in addition to our regular customers, we also made contact with new operators, retailers and end customers. Friday was the 'par excellence' day dedicated to dealers: our stand was always crowded with visitors and this testifies to the success we are proud to declare. We are also confident that next year will be an important business opportunity which we certainly do not intend to miss."

SCHIANO | Mario Schiano, owner
"Cosmobike Show 2015 proved to be a very successful exhibition and a strategic event for our business. Sector operators visited us from all over Italy as well as abroad, especially from Eastern Europe, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Organisation by Veronafiere was impeccable: we worked extremely well, boosting the loyalty of customers we already knew as well as contacting new realities. There are many new players in the bicycle world helping to create interesting opportunities; Cosmobike slots into times when the market in this sector is growing and taking advantage of its services proved to strategic for our company that has built bicycles since 1923. Our strong point lies in exclusively made in Italy quality and design and Cosmobike was able to ensure us exactly the right weight and space."

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