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VPE: launch of new-co by Veronafiere and Fiere di Parma Italian wine&food looking well ahead

New exhibitions and acquisitions of equity holdings in other companies in order to strengthen international promotion of Italian agro-food products.

Verona, 4 December 2017 - VPE (Verona Parma Exhibitions) is the name of the new company set up by Veronafiere and Fiere di Parma that together are the leading direct organizer of exhibitions dedicated to agricultural and agro-food sectors in Italy and among the top in Europe in this segment. The two companies jointly rank as the second trade fair landmark in terms of both consolidated turnover in 2016 with 127 million euro (88 Verona, 39 Parma), and gross inside area with a total of 283 thousand square meters (153 Verona, 130 Parma).

In 2016, Verona and Parma organized an overall total of 91 exhibitions and events in Italy and abroad (67 Verona, 24 Parma) attracting 1.8 million visitors (1.3 Verona and 0.5 Parma) and 21.350 exhibitors (14.000 Verona and 7.350 Parma). And they also rank as two international platforms for Italian agro-food exports, with well-known brands in the food&wine sector, such as: Vinitaly, Sol&Agrifood, Enolitech, OperaWine, Vinitaly International Academy (Veronafiere) and Cibus, Cibus Tec, Cibus Connect and Cibus Market Check (Fiere di Parma).

The agro-food sector is a driving force in the Italian economy and this year, according to data published by the Nomisma Agrifood Monitor, exports will come to more than 40 billion euros with growth of over 6% over 2016, for a total value of 130 billion euros, ranging from agricultural products to catering.

The new company, a 50-50 venture between Verona and Parma, was presented today during a press conference attended by the Mayor of Verona, Federico Sboarina, the Presidents and CEOs of Veronafiere and Fiere di Parma, respectively Maurizio Danese and Gian Domenico Auricchio, Giovanni Mantovani, and Antonio Cellie, and the President of the ICE Agency, Michele Scannavini.

The company's first step is the organization of a new exhibition - WI.BEV-International Wine and Beverage Technologies Event - dedicated to the wine&drinks technology sector (www.wibev.com) that focuses on Italy and its manufacturing excellence in this sector yet also on important geo-economic areas enjoying strong development - such as Asia and Africa - not to mention markets with consolidated traditions such as North America.

The preview within the scope of wine2wine - the Vinitaly-Veronafiere platform for updates, training and networking scheduled today and tomorrow (4-5 December) in the PalaExpo at Veronafiere - sees around twenty companies taking part (all top players on the market), while for technical-scientific aspects Assoenologi provides its own skills for updating operators in the supply chain.

In terms of international promotion, VPE initial activities will involve the acquisition of a significant share-holding in a trade fair operator in the food&beverage sector in Europe and North America and the development of a Cibus&Vinitaly format for new trade fairs or collateral events at consolidated events.




Federico Sboarina, Mayor of Verona: “Today, we must think in terms of new system-oriented logics and this partnership strengthens our presence in the exhibition sector: by combining excellence in two of Italy's main agro-food production areas and districts such as Verona and Parma, we have created the second Italian exhibition centre complex, in terms of both sales-show area and exhibitors."

Maurizio Danese, President of Veronafiere: “The new company set up with Fiere di Parma is fully part of Veronafiere's business and development plan and extremely functional for our two companies and their respective shows covering key Made in Italy sectors, in terms of both export value and image for the country-system. At the same time, this agreement strengthens the competitiveness of the Italian exhibition system as a business lever for customers, primarily small and medium-sized companies as well as large industrial groups."


Gian Domenico Auricchio, President of Fiere di Parma: “The agreement between Veronafiere and Fiere di Parma has far-reaching importance: it promotes the exhibition centres and their respective events - Cibus and Vinitaly - which are two highly effective and complementary battleships; it supports Government objectives, which for some time have encouraged the pooling of resources to promote the Italian wine&food brand; lastly, it meets the internationalization requirements of companies in the sector."


Michele Scannavini, President of ICE Agency: “This new.co is a perfect example of integration of two of the finest champions Italy can rely on in the wine&food sector. It is also a course of action fully in keeping with the strategy of the Special "Made in Italy" promotion plan whereby the Government, over the past three years, has supported the strengthening of our exhibitions abroad with funds amounting to 90 million euros."

Giovanni Mantovani, CEO of VeronaFiere: “The business plan for WI.BEV, the first event developed by this new.co, envisages achieving a minimum target set in the first year of around €1 million of revenues that will triple over the following three years; equally, we do not hide our intention to make acquisitions on international markets. Briefly, this agreement - which will also involve shared initiatives worldwide - seeks to respond to the needs of the supply chain through entirely innovative formulas based on market studies and scientific skills."

Antonio Cellie, CEO of Fiere di Parma: “VPE will exploit the input of Vinitaly and Cibus to increase the market share for Made in Italy all around the world. VPE's operating pillars are: consolidation of the Parma and Verona product portfolio; development of new initiatives, such as WI.BEV, that combine our distinctive skills; targeted acquisition of events abroad dedicated to food&beverage excellence to provide Italian companies with even more opportunities."

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Photo 1 - From left, Gian Domenico Auricchio, President of Fiere di Parma, and Maurizio Danese, President of Veronafiere Photo 2 - From left: Mantovani, Auricchio, Sboarina, Danese, Scannavini and Cellie  Photo 3 - From left: Auricchio, Danese, Sboarina, Scannavini, Cellie and Mantovani


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